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This is the second series (2024 >) of the BASHing data blog. The first series of 200 posts (2018-2022) and this one are companion websites to A Data Cleaner's Cookbook. Like the first series, the current blog is a place for demonstrations and trials of command-line data "ops". The operations might include analysing, archiving, auditing, cleaning, de-duplicating, encoding, entering, migrating, querying, reformatting, reporting, storing etc.

The first BASHing data series and A Data Cleaner's Cookbook are still online, but they are also archived in Zenodo and can be downloaded for offline use.

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About me

I'm a data auditor and retired zoologist.

Robert Mesibov, West Ulverstone, Tasmania, Australia

The blog posts on this website are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License.

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Data auditing, cleaning and processing

Extract successive pairs from a list, and rapidly grow a list (2024-05-03)
     How to do it, but be careful with the "yes" command

Post- and pre-incrementing (var++ and ++var) with AWK (2024-04-26)
     Pre or post? Sometimes it doesn't matter

Finding near-duplicate spelling variants (2024-04-05)
     How to search for ä/ae-type duplicates

Table in a PDF to a TSV, on the command line (2024-03-29)
     Use the pdftotext utility and clean up with sed and AWK

Finding identifier codes with and without extra characters (2024-02-02)
     A command-line solution for finding near-duplicate values

Characters and encoding

A text full of nulls - what happened? (2024-06-07)
     Hint: Microsoft Windows encoding

Print a character as a variable with BASH printf (2024-03-22)
     There's a right way and a wrong way, but both work

Counterfeit spaces: the NBSP menace (2024-03-01)
     How to visualise and replace (or delete) NBSPs

Mojibake with 2 hearts and 52 bytes (2024-02-09)
     Encoding ping-pong between UTF-8 and Windows-1252

Data formatting

DataMatrix codes and data content (2024-04-19)
     Squeezing lots of information into a tiny graphic

CSV to JSON to CSV, awkwardly (2024-04-12)
     Recovering CSV data from an awful JSON file

Convert Microsoft serial day numbers to YYYY-MM-DD (2024-02-23)
     Easy, if you remember that 1900-02-29 didn't happen

Data analysis examples

Minimum, maximum and range by group (2024-05-24)
     GNU datamash is great, but sometimes more is needed

Data entry and display

Mapping with gnuplot, part 5 (2024-03-15)
     Building a dialog for choosing data to be mapped

Mapping with gnuplot, part 4 (2024-03-08)
     Showing a much-improved way to build a basemap

Useful programs for command-line data ops

Five useful tweaks for the ranger file manager (2024-06-14) ⇜ LATEST
     Easy ways to make this CLI utility even better

Polyglot and round-trip translations (2024-05-31)
     Flexible translations with translate-shell

GNU datamash and months (2024-02-16)
     How to help datamash over the month-sorting hurdle

AWK tips and tricks

AWK one-liners to multi-liners (2024-05-10)
     A little-known "pretty print" option

Miscellaneous stuff

The curious world of UUIDs (2024-05-17)
     What they are and how to tinker with them